The Loon
Wild wild wild

I want to scream to the ocean

And tell it all the stories I heard about the world

And then I want to destroy them

And light them on fire

Then maybe we could start again.

Meet us at the wildfire and we will show you

Come to this show and get one kiss on the cheek by the artist of your choice. Bring a friend and choose between one kiss on the mouth for you or one kiss on the cheek each. Invite 500 people on Facebook to this event and make out with the both of us at the same time. Invite 1000 People on Facebook to this exhibition and get a lap dance from one of the artists. Buy one piece from this show and the artist will go down on you. Write an excellent critique about this show and one of us will have sex with you. Buy one piece from each of us and we will let you watch us masturbate. Write an excellent critique about our work that makes us famous and we will have a three-way with you. Sleep on this art show and you will have bad boring sex for the rest of your life. Your choice. Your gamble.